"A Life In Progress": Mike Vick On BET Tonight

I guess I should be looking forward to the plethora of civil rights documentaries and black history tributes that will be on TV this month, but I have to confess that I will be among those who watch the Micheal Vick reality show/documentary on BET tonight.

Why watch Mike?

Because I never gave up on him as a human being.

Because despite the trials he's been through personally and professionally after serving two years in prison, he still has that spark of life in his eyes, that flicker of possibility that can lead him to bigger things than being a quarterback in the National Football League.

But mostly because there are very few black men in today's society with his background who have the power to get the world to examine the "why" of who he is, and by extension, who too many of our young black men are, most of whom don't rise to be professional anythings.

We've studied, measured, tested, interpolated and hypothesized ad infinitum about young black men who seem to be trapped in a culture of violence, crime and drug use for decades. But have we really listened to what these young black men have to tell us?

Just when I figured I could swear off watching BET for good, they had to go and put this show on. The subtitle of the show, "A Life In Progress", says everything I want to say -- that this man's life is by no means over.

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