The Brown Man believes in irony.

So it is doubly ironic that the first post of 2010 is for an internet acquaintance of mine, Mr. Coby Dillard, a conservative who used to blog at The Dillard Doctrine, but now collaborates at a new spot, Virginia Black Conservatives, that should be up and running by the time you read this on Monday, January 4th -- doubly ironic because I have been doing everything I can for the last few days to run Jim DeMint's ridiculous ass into the ground.

But Coby is the kind of guy who you can agree to disagree with. And he has the patience of Job. A true Brown Man Thinking Hard himself, he is the kind of person who can make old left leaning, libertarian flavored independents like me see beyond the boundaries of political affiliation when he proposes workable, make sense ideas.

I've done enough cheerleading here - I'll let him speak for himself and his new site below.

Good luck, Coby and company!

Virginia Black Conservatives

An excerpt from VBC's first commentary,
The Conservatism of Rights Restoration, appearing on the blog tomorrow:

"...[T]he RPV creed states that Virginia Republicans believe:

"That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society."

Looking at this, it should be easy to apply this conservative belief to Virginia's ex-prisoner population. The right to vote being one of the cornerstones of civic responsibility, you would think that Republicans would jump at the chance to allow more people a chance to exercise their freedoms as citizens.

Yet too often, it's our party that leads the fight to keep ex-prisoners disenfranchised. During the 2008 presidential election, Republicans cried foul when Gov. Kaine restored the rights of many felons so that they could vote. Did Kaine make this move for partisan purposes, or just because it was the right thing to do? Arguments can be made either way. It would, however, speak very highly of the incoming Republican administration to make a quick and decisive move on making the restoration process easier-especially when little political capital would be gained or lost in doing so."

"As a political party that prides itself on individual freedom, Virginia's Republicans have a unique opportunity to act on an issue that will enable more of our fellow citizens to carry out the responsibilities of citizenship that we are all asked to fulfill. For those ex-prisoners who wish to contribute to our Commonwealth and have paid their societal debt for their crimes, we should make the rights restoration process as simple as possible."

Look for the rest of this post tomorrow at VBC...and if you haven't subscribed to our feed, please do so!

Check Coby and his collaborators out. And tell him I sent you. Political diversity is as essential as social diversity to sustaining a healthy perspective about the world we live in.

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