I just finished taping a radio show with my man Sean Yoes of NPR affiliate WEAA in Baltimore, the first one we've done this year, that focuses on the media narrative and how the Haitian earthquake is being portrayed. You can hear it this Sunday night at 8:00pm by clicking the "Listen Live" button on the WEAA website. My segment will come on at the 8:30 mark.

After re-reading my pieces on this and the latest news from Haiti to get ready for the show, I needed to decompress after having to think about all the victims of this horrific tragedy. I ran into a post at the Daily Kos featuring a FOX News poll about the 2012 election if it were run today that did the trick - your president, it seems, after all that has gone on the last few weeks, still has the inside track to get re-elected.

The bonus of this post was a medley of photos from Obama's first year in the White House.

And if you haven't seen my own video on Haiti, this link will take you to YouTube where you can see for yourself how Haiti got to be in the state it was just before the earthquake hit.

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