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The blog post I wrote yesterday titled "Supreme Court Brings Frankenstein To Life" was supposed to go "straight to video", as they say in the movie business, but it is a lot of work to write and put together one of these in a day. You can find the original post at Brown Man Thinking Hard. It was a great way to bleed off some of the outrage I felt at the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United V. Federal Election Commission last week.

After seeing so many other comments these last few days from people who feel helpless, or understand this to now be written in stone, I had to say something. I had to let the vast majority of us who are not lawyers, and those of us who aren't familiar with how the Supreme Court works, that not only is the nation's highest court capable of being fallible, like the rest of us human beings -- it is also capable of being corrected.

Some would call it "setting the record straight".

I call it "taking back the narrative".

This year's theme here at Brown Man Thinking Hard is "taking control of your own narrative". The narrative is not just an academic sounding term that comes to mind whenever you watch a movie or read a book - it is the narrative that underpins every kind of communication we engage in, whether it is in person, via phone or text message. Whether it is a news show, TV commercial, or sales pitch. Even our religious beliefs are guided by the narrative form. Practically every religion in the world is built around stories of trial and triumph, of outer struggle and inner peace, which are the same elements that any writer in any arena strives to use to the best of his ability.

I've also got more commentary on my blog at Big Think about this in a piece titled "How Could A Corporation Be My Constitutional Equal?"

In any case, enjoy the video.

Kris Broughton
Brown Man Thinking Hard

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