The Brown Man Is On YouTube

The Brown Man on is on Youtube.

Blowing Smoke with the Brown Man is my first video. The Moviemaker software that came with my computer took a little getting used to, but after an hour or so I think I got the hang of it. The blog post I wrote last week titled "Media Promotes Flawed Haiti Narrative" is showing up in a lot of places around the blogosphere. I'm glad I was able to help in my own way to contribute to a better understanding of the actual circumstances which predate the horrific calamity unfolding in Haiti.

I watched a little bit of the special "Obama's America" on MSNBC last night - it brought me back to this years theme here at Brown man Thinking Hard, which is "taking control of your own narrative", because as much as Chris Matthews and his cohorts tried, they could not seem to shake the underlying belief that the things that underpin their worldview are the real truths, and the narrative they were hearing from African Americans were not as authentic, not as true as their own.

In any case, enjoy the video. It's only five minutes long.

I'd been looking for something new to add to the repertoire this year - I think the "Blowing Smoke with the Brown Man" format suits me personally, and is perfect for those times when the written word is just not enough.

See you after the polls close tonight in Massachusetts.

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