2010 - Look What The Cat Dragged In

Well, well well - 2010 is finally here.

For some people, it couldn't happen soon enough. The neighbor, who was hosting me and the rest of our informal neighborhood posse for drinks and cigars in the Ali Baba room off the side of his basement, exhaled, then smiled to himself when he found out it was after midnight. It was as if he had escaped some sort of legal quagmire, or some creditor who had been in hot pursuit of his assets, just by hearing the clock tick. The woodburning stove we were in front of seemed to burn a little brighter after twelve, as if the wood inside of it got hotter when the new year came.

One of the seminal stories of the night was about their cat, a twenty five pound behemoth that patrols the neighborhood, slaughtering anything from rabbits to snakes to chipmunks who are slow off the mark, often dragging their carcasses back to my neighbor's house. I'd seen this fearsome cat in action myself one day, watching from the deck as he staved off a fox who had cornered him along the back of our fence line by sheer force of will and some venomous sounding shrieks. The Bad Ass Baxter the Cat legend grew a little larger last night as I shared my story.

In the end, there was no talk of resolutions we weren't going to keep, or weight loss programs were weren't going to stay on - everybody just seemed to be glad to still be alive and kicking.

The Brown Man is glad to be alive and kicking. Brown Man Thinking Hard just clocked original 500 posts in the last few days. That's a whole lot of words. And this site is getting a new DISQUS comment system going. And my new blog, Resurgence, over at BigThink.com, isn't doing too badly either, with 15 new posts last month that have all taught me something by writing them. And my ebook Thinking Out Loud: A Brown Man Retrospective on the 2008 Presidential Race is still free, and surprisingly enough, given the nature of the topic, still has a few people downloading it just about every day.

But enough of this shilling about the Brown Man's accomplishments.

Anybody who tells you they write for themselves is lying if they are publishing their work. I write to be read. Preferably by as many people as possible. Getting a bigger audience is something I will be working on this year. I appreciate everyone who comes here to see what I have to say, even when if it doesn't always make sense, and even when the words read like someone who's tired wrote them, because I often am a tired someone when I write them.

I have no idea what the future will bring. No way to know whether this year is going to be better than last year, or worse. The only thing I can tell you is, I'll be tapping on this keyboard about whatever comes down the pike.


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