Watching The Senate Cloture Vote With #cspanafterdark

The Brown Man discovered Tweetdeck yesterday.

Twitter finally started to make sense to me last night during the cloture vote in the Senate. I joined the #cspanafterdark contingent and had a ball chit chatting during the Senate vote last night. The trick is to add "#cspanafterdark" to the end of your tweet and it joins the stream of other messages with the same hashtag.

On top of the tweetdeck discovery, everybody seems to be on the radio these days - check out my man Rippa at The Intersection Of Madness and Insanity, who has decided to take the bull by the horns and put his two cents in the air.

The running theme on Rippa's show last night, on the show I was on last night at WEAA that we taped on Friday, and on practically every TV show that you've seen lately is a sense of confusion about exactly what it is the Democratic senators will be smiling about this morning on CNN as they trumpet the historic nature of their accomplishment last night.

Where are the Obama message guys, the people who boiled down an entire campaign platform to a few catch-phrases that the man on the street could wrap his head around?

I watched Sanjay Gupta take a call from someone last night after the vote who had a child with an expensive chronic illness. The first thing out of her mouth was how she "didn't trust politicians" and "didn't trust the government". So Gupta asked her about her challenges with her child's coverage. Then he proceeded to tick off all of the items still in the Senate bill that would specifically address her problems, and insure that her son's coverage would be extended beyond the limits of her current policy, asking her after each item whether or not she supported it.

She agreed with every one of the planned improvements, but continued to sputter about how bad it would be if "the government took over healthcare."

I don't know what political party she supports, but none of them have shrunk government, they just grow different parts of it, whether it is healthcare or the military. In an ideal world, Obama should have reformed adult education levels and started running logical thinking clinics in Walmart, Target and Kmart stores all across the country before trying to sell such a complex idea to the country. But they have still made great strides going with what they had, and in a few days, they may even regain the momentum they need to get to the finish line.

Maybe this woman Sanjay Gupta spoke to knows something I don't. Maybe she knows how to eat bullets. Maybe she has invented a way to convert laser bomb sights into laser surgery equipment.

The Obama message team needs to get cracking, because right now, the "government takeover" crowd owns the discussion.

The #cspanafterdark crowd was great - they made watching the vote fun practically all of them knew what they were talking about when it came to healthcare reform - the only reason I had to leave the sound on the TV was to have something to comment on. The tweetdeck format takes all the twitter streams and breaks them up into different conversations, which FINALLY made all those comments begin to make some sense.

If you are going to use Twitter, you've got to have this.

And if something else big happens in Congress, you've got to check out #cspanafterdark on Twitter.

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