Kasim Reed Wins Keys To Atlanta City Hall

It looks like Kasim Reed is going to be the next mayor of Atlanta. There is only a 1400 ballot difference between him and Mary Norwood with all the precincts reporting, but unless Norwood's absentee ballot percentage tops 65%, it is very unlikely that she will be able to pull this out.

Reed's lead has shrunk by 100 votes in the five minutes since I last checked the numbers since they started counting the early voting totals and the absentees.

Since I don't work for the networks, and have no way of losing my job here if I'm wrong, I'm going to congratulate Kasim Reed on winning this hard won race.

Mr. Reed will face his own mountain of challenges next year here in the ATL. As I've said here before, I wouldn't have had a problem with a white mayor at all. But I did have a problem with Reed's opponent, the lightweight Mary Norwood. And I have always liked Kasim Reed personally, and have a great respect for the way he has persevered in a Georgia Legislature, a body steeped in the culture of the rural parts of our state, that has been known to be less than hospitable to its urban members.

I could probably come up with a laundry list of stuff he will need to get cracking on, but there's plenty of time for that. And I don't have any intention of taking back one word about the Jackson Mafia that needs to go away into that good night and let us see what an unfettered Reed can do.

But tonight is the time for celebration.

Congratulations, Kasim Reed!!!

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