January 4th Rant

Come on, AB - NO president, white, black, or kryptonite enhanced could have hoped to tackle the laundry list you laid out.

Comparing any modern day president to anyone before Carter is a waste of time - the rise of cable TV and talk radio has turbo charged the national political conversation in a way that makes even the most mundane political task a Herculean effort - every time you turn around, there are a half a million twitters following your every move, and ten cable channels dedicated to nothing more than stirring up shit so the execs can afford to keep their kids they never get to see in rehab or professional student hood.

You know damn well why he got elected - because Obama WAS NOT a "warrior type" black leader. He's just like all the cats I spent most of my holidays around - law firm partners and senior associates or corporate flacks who get paid the big bucks because the folks who write their checks feel comfortable with them. The only pals I see who bust heads all own their own shops, and EVEN THEY have had to learn how to manage employees without rubbing them the wrong way, if they want to get any productivity out of them.

Obama is inside the organization. He IS the man, whether he pulls his dick out and shoves it up somebody's ass or simply ticks their name off a list on his desk.

This is the same old "gotta be hard" negro logic that gets two or three black males killed every week here in the ATL. We've got to give this "down by law at night", "down with the man by day" shit up. Our real lives are calling us, and WE ARE NOT JOJO DANCER. Not by a long shot.

When the fuck are we going to quit defining manhood and leadership by how hard we can crack a fucking whip and start understanding that it is what comes out in the wash at the end of the day that matters?

If you don't like some of the outcomes so far, fine. Neither do I. But in the reality based world the rest of us live in, there is no god damn way no fire breathing negro was going to be elected president IN THIS AMERICA WE HAVE TODAY.

You could have spotted the next ten black leaders 200 electoral votes and not a damn one of them would even come close to closing the deal. WE didn't elect Obama - it was a raggedy-ass coalition that drew from every demographic in the country outside of the cracker-assed crackers in my home state and the rest of the south.

I WAS PROUD TO HEAR OBAMA'S RETORT TO DICK CHENEY LAST WEEK. I wish it could be looped on top of a beat and used as a refrain in a rap song - the issues every president faces are much more complicated than what the spin doctors and Pablum R Us news shows can show because anything else would be a waste - the country at large doesn't have the knowledge base to understand anything more than "blue good, red bad".

I stood next to an attorney at a Xmas party a few weeks ago who pursed his lips when I mentioned politics. He said to me "Obama's stimulated everybody else. Why can't he stimulate me?"

This motherfucker holds a job that NO BLACK MEN OF NO KIND could even hope to get just forty years ago.

Politics isn't tech land, where you know what you know, or medicine, with a science base to balance out the guesswork - it is all hype and bullshit, a true reflection of how much we all lie to ourselves just to get through the day, except these guys have to wade through their bullshit on camera.

If you aren't smart enough to explain to your son why Obama is not only his president, but a leader sharp enough to juggle every fucking problem in the country and STILL bring us to the brink of pulling off the greatest Democratic political victory in decades, then maybe you need to turn your degree back in.

Thanks for the run, AB - I might have to use this rant as a post. First one of '10!

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