Desiree Rogers Faux Pas Not Firing Offense

I don't know exactly what it meant when I started getting a lot of hits recently on Brown Faces In High Places, but since my hit counter is pretty specific about what link brings people here, what I do know is an awful lot of you seem to be very interested in Desiree Rogers these last forty eight hours. The miscreants, as my man Petey Green from the movie Talk To Me would say, the despicable miscreants whose sense of entitlement is so strong even now they deny the facts behind their security breach of a White House dinner last week are people so odious, so ridiculously full of themselves, that I won't even write their names here.

The good thing about working in the White House is you already know you're going to be taking hits from all sides on the biggies - the economy, the war, employment, education, taxes - the stuff entire battalions of commentators are ready to squawk about before the electrons settle down after your latest website update.

The bad thing is, you really can't predict what little detail you forget today will mushroom into front page news next week. From the outside looking in, the circus around the White House bears an uncanny resemblance to the king's courts of old, with a complete complement of knaves, court jesters and public fools that are an administration's constant companions. Our Virginia miscreants seemed to be dying to join the fray around the Obama administration.

I still can't understand why someone would want to break into a White House dinner to tell bad jokes and make small talk with people who don't know you and won't remember you. Taking a picture with Joe Biden is not on my "bucket list".

My buddy has season tickets to the Falcons here in the ATL, and he practically has to sell me on how much fun it might be to even get me to think about going. If it wasn't for the fact that we talk cash shit for the entire time, I'd never go. Because frankly, the game looks much, much better at home on a big screen TV. To top it all off, I've even got my very own bathroom at home, with no line to stand in at halftime.

I don't know what's going to happen to Ms. Rogers. I will say that I was definitely impressed, in a town where people are programmed to lie or deny everything, that she just flatly stated the obvious - "No, we did not" - when asked if any of her staff were stationed at the entrances to the dinner. I'd like to believe that her Chi-Town connections to the president and the first lady really mean something. Asking her to take the fall for a massive failure by the Secret Service to do the job they are paid to do 24/7/365 is wronger than wrong. Compared to the inexcusable performance by the security professionals, Ms. Rogers lapse should be correctly described as a faux pas.

I can only hope that somewhere in the White House right about now, Michelle Obama is standing in front of Rahm Emmanuel, her arms crossed, her head tilted forward just enough to let those laser beam brown eyes tell him, without one word crossing her lips, to "leave this sister alone".

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ch555x said...

Hard to believe (well, not really) that this "WH Crashers" movie is still in the news. No, Ms. Rogers (d@mn!) doesn't need a firing. If she waved in a Taliban warlord, ok, sure thing.

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