Christmas Cheer Tastes Great, Is More Filling

The Brown Man and S. have been eating Christmas party food and sipping on Christmas party booze for the last two days. It is always fun to see all your friends, but we are tired.

We've had everything from Jamaican patties to pulled pork barbeque, smoked salmon to fried chicken, chocolate mousse to layer cake.

We've played games. We've watched people play cards, and talked trash from the sidelines. We've stood in front of fires roaring bright and chit chatted about everything from train wreck litigation to Obama's economic stimulation, with a healthy helping of Tiger Woods speculation holding it all together.

And my neighbor, who has got to be the best neighbor in the world, just walked up yesterday and handed me ANOTHER box of cigars while I was blowing leaves and puffing on the last stick from first batch he gave me last month.

It is certainly the season for giving.

I guess I will have to plug back into the world in a few minutes and see what George Stephanopoulos and his smarmy self is up to today. Me and my man Sean Yoes will be back on WEAA tonight at 8:00pm, talking about healthcare and Tiger Woods.

If you are snowed in due to that winter storm in the Northeast, I hope you are warm and have plenty of supplies.

The Brown Man will be back to thinking hard tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!!

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