Today I'll be starting as a blog contributor at

My blog there is called "Resurgens", and it is listed under my real name, Kris Broughton. I'll be updating it several times a week.

"The Brown Man will be thinking hard for Big Think."

I've been waiting all weekend to write that sentence.

This is going to be fun.

They will be different (and shorter, sometimes) posts - beyond that, I would imagine that my editor will be stepping in to moderate my excesses and/or contribute to the direction "Resurgens" takes.

Right now I'll be playing it by ear. All I can promise you is the same voice and the same style. And you'll probably learn something, because I damn sure will be.

Check it out.

Tell a friend.

Click on some of their videos - I have and I've already learned a few new things.


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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I can feel your excitement in this post, Chris. I checked it out, it's all good. Congratulations and wish you well.

Matthew Wright said...

Great job! Love your work. I'm new to the game, but willing and eager. You are someone who's work inspires me. Keep it up!

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