Suffering In The Name Of Freedom

It's bad for this president to bow to the Japanese, but it's good for the last president to kiss the Saudis.

With that kind of logic, I'd hate to think what President Obama should do for the Chinese.

After all, what's a couple of trillion between friends? Especially when we haven't got the cash to pay that "couple of trillion" in Treasury debt off that the Chinese seem to be patiently holding while we make our bankers richer fix our economy.

Between the punditocracy who pray at the church of "American superiority", and the punditocracy who worship Saint Sarah's every breath, I have been totally uninspired these last few days.

Our news media is suffering from a inability to reference anything other than itself, which means that there is probably going to be nothing but an endless loop of President Obama bowing to the Chinese emperor, Sarah Palin gossiping about her alternate universe, Levi Johnston struggling to express himself in front of a camera, and a hundred television reporters and experts analyzing THEIR OWN COMMENTS on this madness as if that is supposed to explain why these things should be important to us. But how much more do I really need to know about this stuff?

So I went to China myself to see what was really going on.

First stop, China Digital Times. The biggest issue in this publication is a raging debate about the Great Firewall of China. The internet there is very, very heavily censored by the state.

From Chinese twitterers:

@zhengyun: President Obama arriving China with the his spectacular army of Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, Google Picasa, Youtube, Yahoo! meme ……

@philfenghan I will not forget this morning, I heard, on my shaky Internet connection, a question about our own freedom which only a foreign leader can discuss.
我不会忘记这个中午,断断续续听着一个他国领导人才会讲到的关于我们自己切身自由的问题。 #obama

@hecaitou: The Netease page about Obama answering the question of Great Firewall of Twitter survived twenty seven minutes.

@blogtd: #Obama President Obama, if you cannot update your Twitter and Facebook while you are in China, I will be happy to provide humanitarian aid.

I am no foriegn policy analyst by a long shot, but as a life long student of human behavior, it looks to me that China is going to have to figure out if they really want to grow the ranks of their middle class citizens, which has been the source of stability in Westernized nations, or keep the type of totalitarian control they have now. You can't have your cake and eat it too, Emperor

And in case the Emperor isn't paying attention, our bowing president would be only too happy to take back boatloads of bright Chinese students to study in our universities.

I made a few other stops, at places like the Angry Chinese Blogger, but the picture of a country that restricted its citizens internet access had a hold on me. I thought about our freedom here to make fun of the president, or complain about the government. I thought about the freedom we have to support who we want for president, for congress, for the senate, for mayor or city councilman.

So I guess I'll be lumping it with the rest of you, enduring Sarah Palin and Levi Johnston as long as the people who sell us stuff figure they can make some money from our eyeballs.

I'll be suffering in the name of freedom.

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ch555x said...

Good points!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...
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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

"Our news media is suffering from an inability to reference anything other than itself..."


This is funny and seems true, but me thinks this is what they are instructed to do, to distract and hide as much dirt as they possibly can. We have the best government that money can buy, and those same buyers own the media.

China's rulers knows this. They know that once they open that door to Western propaganda - passing for news and truth - confusion and chaos will ensue. People will be suckered into mistaking the worst of capitalism for democracy.

At the same time, if they don't loosen up, they'll likely have a new series of the 1989 Tiananmen Square incident. In short, their rulers are between a rock and hard place. It will be interesting to watch which one they choose.

Meanwhile in today's news, The New York Police Department executed search warrants Tuesday at some offices of The New York Times... and Sarah Palin continues reveling in going rogue.

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