Is The Obama Administration Under Siege From All Sides?

Despite the intense political media focus on Sarah Palin this week, the Brown Man found time to talk to my man Sean Yoes, a senior reporter at The Afro American. Yoes is the host of "The WEAA/AFRO First Edition", an hour-long political talk show on Baltimore's WEAA-FM (88.9 FM), which airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m.

You can click this link and push the "Listen Live" button at the top of the page to hear the show.

This week, we talked about the criticism of the president that seems to be coming from all sides these days as the Obama Administration deals with foreign wars, high unemployment, economic woes, and a high level of political animosity, not only from their opponents, but from many of the people who helped elect Barack Obama president.

Find out what Sean Yoes and the Brown Man think tonight at 8 pm on the show.

As always, it was fun. Check it out if you have a chance.

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Constructive Feedback said...

I think that it is necessary to distinguish the various motivations for the said "criticism" that you speak of.

It comes as no surprise that the Right Wing Republicans are criticizing Obama as a means of advancing their own political fortunes as they desire to weaken him and get him out of office.

We saw the New Black Panther Party protesting against Obama. Their agenda is far different from the Republicans. They are "unattached leftists" where as Obama is an "Establishment Democrat". Their goal is not to knock Obama out of office and get a Republican to take his place. Instead their goal is to draw Obama to the left.

In regards to Black Unemployment - one only needs to view the words of Hilary Sheldon of the NAACP to see that despite his concerns about Black unemployment he views the standing of OBAMA as a far more important concern than the question of the employment rate in our community. Translation - they are SOLD OUT. Yes it is possible to "sellout the Black community's best interests" in pursuit of retaining favor with Barack Obama - who is a DEMOCRAT.

In summary - criticism comes with the job. I am far more interested in having Black Establishment forces that dominate our community held accountable for what they have promised us and forcing them to change course as they are made more committed to RESULTS rather than party and ideology.

Constructive Feedback said...

Ignore this second post. I forgot to check the "email me" box

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