I hadn't really formulated any thoughts on this Roman Polanski thing other than the usual one I have when someone famous wants a pass for a crime they did commit - what would happen to ME if I as an adult male had gotten caught getting a 13 year old girl drunk and high and having sex with her?

Whoopi Goldberg probably wouldn't even blink when they threw my ass in jail.

Has anybody seen one of this guy's movies? If they're anything like Woody Allen's films, the judge could tack two more years onto his sentence.

I didn't even waste time asking S. if she'd seen any of Polanski's work - she's still trying to figure out why Jerry Seinfeld has so many fans.

Since Chris Rock does a better job of saying what was on my mind, I'll let him speak for me today in the video below:

If the video doesn't come up in your feed, you can go to youtube and type in "chris rock leno" and the video clip will pop right up.


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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I enjoyed that video. Love Chris Rock and as usual, he was right on target. Can't wait to see his new movie too, and almost have a post ready for it.

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