Wanda Sykes: "That's Not What We Do"

I guess I should have been watching the political pundits battle it out tonight after the historic vote on healthcare reform that took place in the Senate today. Instead, I watched Wanda Sykes new HBO special I'ma Be Me.

Maybe Wanda should have been on CNN at night instead of the more traditional political pundits. She certainly would have made more sense.

"And people are just nuts - just nuts - you know, scaring old people, talking about death panels.

'Oh, they gon' pull the plug on Grandma.'

Why would they even believe that?

You think we'd just start killing people because they're old?

That's not what we do.

Wanda Sykes
excerpted from
I'ma Be Me

An enterprising stand up comedian could build an entire act out of the illogical absurdities that have passed for opposing viewpoints in the healthcare debate.

The usual suspects did what was expected the last few days before the big Senate vote, ratcheting up the volume on the anti-reform rhetoric, but their opposition seemed a little limp, as if they had expended all their energy this summer against the rising tide of public opinion FOR healthcare reform.

Bipartisanship doesn't really matter to the American public, so I don't know why Olympia Snowe's vote really means anything. Because if this reform effort doesn't work the way it was intended, nobody is going to blame the "bipartisan" effort - they are going to blame Barack Obama and the Democrats.

I'd pay money to hear Wanda's definition of "bipartisanship".

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ch555x said...

I caught her show Saturday night and thought that part was hilarious.

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