Police Chiefs Gone Wild

Chief Wayne Yates

Chief James Preacher

I've been in South Carolina for the last couple of days in my hometown, a small burg that doesn't have any outlet I know of that carries the New York Times. And don't even think about suggesting I go to the nearest Starbucks to get one, because it is forty miles away.

I know I can go to nytimes.com, but I have always been a hard copy newspaper kind of guy, probably because I grew up in a household that took both the local and the state newspapers.

So I've been reading the papers I grew up on this week. The stories are almost the same as they were fifteen years ago when I lived here - small town America crime scenes, new business spotlights, wedding announcements, and civic club events, sprinkled with a few human interest stories and AP News wire reports.

The two stories that tickled me the most this week were the ones about the "police chiefs gone wild" - one police chief was arrested after a bar fight at a bar called "Bubbba's", and another police chief is being sued because he tasered a satellite dish contractor when they got into a dispute over the bill for some work the contractor provided to the police department.

You can't make stuff up this funny.

I wasn't surprised in the least - growing up, all I heard about was how the sherriffs in a lot of South Carolina's smaller counties often worked both sides of the street, upholding the law by day and running their own illegal operations - gambling, strip clubs - unencumbered by any fear of being caught.

There is nothing like going home for a few days to make me realize why I don't have a lot of nostalgia for my home state. I love my hometown, but there are a lot of things about a lot of the rest of the state that I'd just as soon forget.

Oh well.

Off to grandmother's house we go.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brown Man.

I just returned to my hometown in Florida, and already the stupidity is at the front gates. People insisting that I come over and listen to Glenn Beck with them, and while getting my Mom's car fixed up, had to listen to Rush on the radio ranting about our teachers. Um, why can't you put on some music?

Sigh. I miss my family hometown, but I sure as hell don't miss the insanity nor the blatant "proud to be stupid" mentality.

Rick Beagle

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