Glen Beck Targets Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett

Glenn Beck's latest witchhunt target is Valerie Jarrett, the special adviser to the president/homegirl to the First Lady/dyed-in-the-wool Chicagoan who is one of Barack Obama's closest professional and personal advisors.

After listening to him stumble through his radio show a couple of weeks ago, though, I don't know if this is going to be the one he wished he didn't mess with or not.

Below is video of Beck talking to Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton, who says Jarrett is one of the "ten most corrupt" politicians in America. He says she has managed to "hijack the Presidency" to benefit the local efforts of Chicago to get the 2016 Olympics. He attempts to justify the crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy theory he has that Jarrett and Obama's friends in Chicago stand to benefit big time if Chicago gets the bid:

But with more advertisers defecting from his show every week, it's got to be getting closer to "fish or cut bait" time for Glenn Beck's network bosses.

Beck has figured out how to dodge those white hot lashes of public opprobrium so far, but I get the feeling that a particular subset of that silent majority of "white folks with good sense", otherwise known as "CEO's who like their paychecks", will finish his show off sometime in the next twelve six months when his shtick goes one race baiting slur too far.

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ch555x said...

The sensationalist schtick from the MSM is silly, especially from faux-wingers like Beck. I figured he'd continue milking the cow that is Obama's administration, though it looks like it'll tank, IMHO...

hesse74 said...

I like how outspoken he is. We need to investigate each other. We need checks and balances again. we dont.
Two Voices | Two Guys

Anonymous said...

looking at who stood to gain from the chicago bid, jarrett is at the top of the list. Hardly a tin foil hat conspiracy. Becks advertising revenues are thru the roof. If community organizing is such a big deal ,and Obama organized chicago, is it any wonder why chicago is such a violent and corrupt city. The pledge for transparency is simply opaque. Bush spent so much money, in 8 years he spent nearly 20% of what Obama has spent in 9 months. your money. and the nobel peace prize, give me a fuckin break.
Drink your koolaid, Im goin to buy more ammo.

Anonymous said...

"Drink your koolaid, Im goin to buy more ammo."

ROFL. You do realize that any point you might have was lost when you went insane? You are so freaking nuts you probably think that sentence was rational?

Where did these freaking Loons come from and can we convince Lucifer to recall them?

Rick Beagle

datadog said...

Since when is it a crime to buy ammo Rick. Now anyone who likes guns is a demon. You left-wing types don't get it do you. Our Constitution gives us the right to bear arms, no matter how you feel about it. This guy never said anything about violence, you demonized him for buying ammo. I beilieve in peace too, backed up with fire power. I will not be victimized by undocumented immigrants criminals which make up 50% of the Prisons where I live. I am not wrong for being a gun owner. And Rick thank you for your military service.

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