Colson Whitehead Reading In Atlanta TONIGHT

S. and I are going to see Colson Whitehead tonight at 6:30 pm at a reading on the campus of the Atlanta branch of Savannah College of Art and Design. The last time I saw him here was about five years ago, before the dreads, or maybe they were baby dreads then, at at a reading he did at Emory University.

He opened that one by reading the lyrics from a selection from Public Enemy, one of his favorite all-time rap groups.

I've read all of his books but one, The Colossus Of New York, which was essays, not fiction, so I don't really think I've missed anything. Sag Harbor, his latest effort, was so funny (to me) that people I saw at lunchtime when I was reading it probably thought I was crazy.

Who knows what he'll do tonight.

The good thing about this outing is it will take me away from the TV - more specifically, the evening news. I erupted last night when a reporter talked about the pay cuts at AIG, and how they were likely to lead to the "talent" leaving for more money.

The example she used - why work for ONE MILLION when someone else will pay you FIVE MILLION for the same work - was so ludicrous I thought she was a character in one of Mr. Whitehead's books.

Recycling the same old tired ass anecdotes, when their is NO evidence to support these theories is why the networks are losing out to the internet.

Anyway, I digress. Check Colson Whitehead out if you like to read. I loved The Intuitionist. I hung in there with John Henry Days, and I struggled mightily with Apex Hides The Hurt. Sag Harbor is worth every bit of the hardback cover price. I liked it so much I reviewed it myself.

Tonight, it's all about fiction.

See you political junkies tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

someone started this website, It is a political gossip website. Right now all I see is right wing posts. I think we need to add some left leaning stuff online as well. Everything you know about legislators is fair game. We need to call all hands on deck so our voices are heard! Finally, we can tell people what really happens behind the scenes! Bring on some Republicn dirt!!

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