Kanye West Was Jackass Way Before President Obama Said So

I woke up this morning to see President Barack Obama's face next to Kanye West's face on Huffington Post, underneath the headline Obama: Kanye Is A "Jackass".

I wouldn't give a damn myself if Terry Moran, who is obviously only pretending to be a journalist, abused my trust and twittered my off-the-record comments. But then again, I'm not the president of the United States.

So I imagine the staffers at the White House are losing their minds today over the nincompoop of a journalist who Twittered this entertaining tidbit to his followers.

Obama's "dead ass right", as a caller said on the radio this morning.

Kanye's been a jackass for a long time.

Everybody knew that.

No news there.

But the same people who think no black man, however wrong he is, should be criticized, especially by other black men - they are probably already cranking up the rhetoric down at "Don't Hate, Incorporated." Already hollering on the airwaves about the president applying a double standard to West's outburst while accepting an apology from Joe Wilson, who deserves the nickname "Old Yeller" waay more than that dog in the Disney movie.

The thing that's even worse for all of us is the narrow lens through which our media will distill all of these machinations, as if the entire country should shoehorn its varying perspectives into a New York/New England point of view.

If you think Kanye West's feelings or the manhood he seems to be wasting on snatching microphones out of teenage white girl's hands is more important than the president's opinion, you need to get your head examined.

And if you think "Old Yeller" got off easy, take a step back for a minute and think about this - for the foreseeable future, Joe Wilson's name will be linked every night with Serena Williams and Kanye West whenever the media refers to the "Week of Outbursts" we endured last week.

It doesn't get more ironic than that.

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TechSlice said...

Well done to the president. He's just being honest.

barry burns said...

I think obama is cool and kanye just needs a reality check but things should clear up soon with a possible chance of bull shit and a slight breeze of more shit in from the west...

constant gina said...

it must hurt when the first black president labels you a jackass...lmao

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