"I Got 99 problems, But Tea Baggers Ain't One"


Maybe Michelle Malkin meant 2 million INVISIBLE protestors showed up.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you've got a two million word essay here today.

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ch555x said...

You can tell these cats are stretching it with their claims. Mental illness? I'm about positive these were the same folks holding those "support the war" rallies with 100 or so participants in contrast to the 100s of thousands anti-war protesters marching across the street.

If it wasn't for this "fair & balanced" schtick w/ the MSM, I wouldn't have gave these teabaggers a thought due to all of the football games on this time of year...LOL!

datadog said...

Look at the size of the Washington Monument, 9-12 pic is shot from a different location than the Obama crowd. The Obama Crowd is obviously bigger but the photographer was trying not to get an up close pic like the Obama Crowd. Why would you not show an equal comparison, my guess is this pic serves your purposes better.

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