Has Anyone Seen Any Dems Besides Obama This Week?

Or last week, for that matter?

I know why you haven't seen me until now this week - between my sick, my shut in, and my recently departed family members, I really haven't been able to really get into the swing of things. But now that the sick and the shut in are recuperating, and I've begun to accept the departing of the recently deceased, I am starting to get my writing legs back.

Which brings me back to the question - has anyone seen any Democrats besides Barack Obama this week?

I know the star players always want their hands on the ball at the end of the game, but they still need their teammates to play their positions.

Michael Jordan, recently inducted into the NBA Hall Of Fame, was a great basketball player almost from the time he entered the league. But during those early years, it was just Jordan and his Jordanaires, a group of guys whose function seemed to be "stay out of the way when Mike has the ball."

Barack Obama could be on the Food Network, ESPN, Bravo, The History Channel, with guest cameo roles in all the CSI shows and Dancing With The Stars and it wouldn't matter, the same way Michael Jordan's high scorer of the year title didn't matter when it came to the Chicago Bulls making the playoffs in his early years - without a real team behind him, Obama might fall short of getting the healthcare reform brass ring this time.

Do the Democrats really want this?

Is there a reason, with 256 Democratic Congressmen and Congresswomen in the House of representatives, why I don't see these guys playing man-to-man with the TV reporters? Is there a reason why I don't have so many Dems spouting talking points that it sounds like a broken record?

The president can keep the high minded, high profile approach, but his troops have got to hit the ground running. We are not a nation of intellectuals. We want our politics to be served up the same we we do our sports - with lots of high powered offense putting points on the board and color commentary filled with superlatives.

If they really really want this...

... anybody who is a Democratic congressman should be so tired by Thanksgiving that they need to sleep for a week.

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