"The Windshield Is Bigger Than The Rearview Mirror"

My buddy from Alabama called my today, upset at a local newspaper columnist who had painstakingly written an account of the healthcare protest he attended yesterday that, according to him, completely marginalized the efforts of he and his fellow healthcare supporters.

"You told me this would happen. I just can't believe her," he said, the disgust rising in his voice as he spoke. "I wish she would bring her ass back to another damn rally."

"Dude," I said, laughing as I talked, "this is why I write my blog. This is why I keep telling you that we've got to push our people to master the King's English, because that's the only way we are ever going to be able to control the narrative. When someone else tells the story, they get to leave out what they want."

"Man, I almost forgot to tell you about the guy who was talking about "give us back our water." He says they messed up a long time ago when they were doing the state boundary, so the Tennessee River should really be ours. What is wwrong with these people?"

"Dude, the people in Tennessee don't even waste the time to respond to the letters our governor sends them."

Taking back the country.

We surround them

Give us back our water.

My buddy is right - who are these people?

While my mind was veering off into the wild blue yonder as I laid into the healthcare bill in earnest earlier this afternoon, a funny thought crossed my mind.

Why not round up a few bus loads of young, underemployed trial lawyers with overdue student loan payments nipping at their heels who need somebody to sue and ship them off to an Indian reservation?

Maybe one of those places that isn't busy counting their millions in gambling revenues because they haven't figured out just how to exercise their sovereignty or grease their local politicians properly.

It wouldn't take one of those young, hungry lawyers long to realize the obvious - with all this "take back the country" mania going on, why not start at the beginning, and start a class action lawsuit on behalf of the Indian descendants who want to "take back the country."

Sounds ridiculous, but this is the same thing these hide behind the bible types of people are screaming at rallies all over the country, as if they can hold clear title in perpetuity to the cultural and political reins of a democracy in the manner of the old style European monarchs.

The past is over.

The "good old days" had their downside too, the same way the ideals of diversity and multiculturalism and equality have their negative components.

If sending cargo ships full of grain and airplanes full of doctors to starving nations is such a good idea, why can't we apply these same principles at home?

The first time we put a man into space, and brought him back alive, the whole world stopped to watch. Now, the space shuttle makes more trips than a MARTA bus - a shuttle laaunch has officially become a nonevent.

I haven't heard much from the "right to life" people as a group, but many of them are out there, protesting with all their hearts against providing basic health benefits for all Americans, the same way they are willing to fight to the death to insure that every embryo that even thinks about being formed has a chance to be born, a stance that would stagger a thinking person into a stupor just by thinking about the logic behind such idiocy.

Tom Daschle had an interesting quote in an interview I read today about him in the New York Times magazine, one that all these "take backers" should turn over in their minds at night before they go to sleep.

"The windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror."

Looking back at an idealized past that is unsustainable is what we do when we go to museums. Believing that things which no longer exist are still there are some of the early warning signs of mental illness.

These "take backers" need to quit looking in their rear view mirror.

They need to turn around and see what's coming before they crash. Newsvine Digg It! Stumble Delicious Technorati Tweet It! Facebook


ch555x said...

good points!

Them so-called good ol' days wasn't always good. Unless they were plantation owners, I see no logic in claiming the good ol' days if bossman is banging on the door for back taxes...

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