If You Are Still Wearing A "Yes We Can" T- Shirt...

To all you people who are still wearing those "Yes We Can" t-shirts that are starting fade out...

To all you people who gave Barack Obama's presidential campaign $5 or $10 or $15 or $20 a week...

To all you people who trekked from across the nation to Washington D.C. to brave sub-freezing temperatures to see Barack Obama sworn in as commander-in-chief...

To all you people who stayed up all night every night, yapping on the internet about Obama and the primaries and the presidential election as if your very life depended on it...

...the time is now to get your ass back in gear.

Because the people you think you defeated, the people you thought would go home with their tails between their legs because their candidates based their message on fear instead of hope - they have not left the building.

They did not go gently into that good night.

All the while, they've been gearing up for the next round of the never ending fight for the ownership of the soul of America. Telling you that you are surrounded, even as their numbers shrink daily. Proclaiming with a collective fervor that they are working on "taking the country back", as if the United States of America is nothing more than an automobile to be repossessed, or a house to be foreclosed on.

Your president doesn't need you high fiving your buddy every time he caps off a speech with his trademark aplomb right now.

Right now, what your president needs you to do is get back on this internet, the one you spent so much time on last year, and get that positive chatter going again. He needs you to click on those links to the healthcare bill and donate two or three hours to READING IT, the way you used to donate those $5 or $10 or $20 a week to his campaign. He needs you to get as excited about the possibility of having the nation's first comprehensive healthcare reform as you were about the possibility of having the first black president.

And what your president really needs you to do most of all is find out where the next town hall meeting on healthcare is in your area, and attend it the way you attended those debate watch parties.

You were the president's secret weapon back when he was campaigning, an unstoppable force that grew in number by the hour, shifting the momentum of the race in his favor at several key junctures just when he needed it the most.

Your president is in the same boat now with healthcare reform as he was then during the primaries, where a few key surges of support can make all the difference.

So put that faded "Yes We Can" t-shirt back on. Put that $20 you used to donate to the campaign into your gas tank. And trek across town or across your county to the nearest townhall meeting on healthcare you can find.

And remember - smile for the cameras.

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Jason said...

This is a very nice site that you have here. I have a debate site myself and I would like to exchange links with you. We need to stick together. Let me know. Jason

Taylor said...

Man if this message would just take root in peoples minds we would live in a better place. I cant believe I already hear the Palin for president in 2012 chanting.

noah g said...

Hey there, just saw your post on TPM, thanks for the word. This perspective is needed. Blogging isn't acting. Get out and throw down for health insurance reform!

Sarah Alaoui said...

"Your president doesn't need you high fiving your buddy every time he caps off a speech with his trademark aplomb right now."


Basta said...

Unfortunately, both parties are acting childish now, for the most part. I don't agree with the public health care option, but it doesn't help when your side is also home to a lot of wingnuts. EVERYBODY needs to get out there. If you really believe what you say you believe, fight for it.

Unfortunately, I think a large part of the Obama crowd voted for him with no knowledge of what his election entailed. That's where the lack of support comes from.

Both you and I belong to a small contingent of people who know what they're talking about. It's time to come out in force and debate like grown ups.

So, I guess--power to you?

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