Syntax Killa From Wasilla Packs It In

Sarah Palin is out of politics.

She's through.




I don't own an American flag, but I might have to buy one today.

I won't miss the old "syntax killa from Wasilla" one bit. She couldn't have done anything more patriotic on this Fourth of July weekend if she tried.

I don't know what significance resigning in three weeks has - whether it gives her enough time in to qualify for state retirement or some civil service benefit - whatever it is, I hope its worth it.

Because it will only take our tabloid press and paparazzi about three days to find out what the real reason is behind her sudden departure.

The thing I can't figure out is our news media. In particular, I am talking about the political pundits who get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to keep putting the words "Sarah Palin" and "2012 run for president" in the same sentence over and over. Even now, conservative pundits are trying to put some positive spin on this latest move by Palin, as if it is all part of a carefully orchestrated plan she has to position herself for a presidential run.

And newspaper publishers wonder why people have quit reading their papers?

Sarah Palin couldn't win the presidency of Neverland Ranch if she was the only candidate. Bubbles the Chimp probably has a higher IQ. There is no question that he’s traveled to more countries than Palin.

Something tells me, though, that you will be seeing Palin again. Without the restrictions of a public office, she could pop up anywhere - as a TV talk show host, or a FOX News analyst. She might even release a DVD on bubble gum cracking the way Jane Fonda did her workout tapes.

I have no idea what scandal is about to erupt in Alaska, but after the Argentinean love fest South Carolinians have had to suffer through, ANYTHING is possible.

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billybadass said...

I am truly loving your blog. It's good to know their are other "brown" folks out there who are thinking and rethinking the traditions and belief systems that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Lady Di said...

LMAO Brown Man. GRAND POST!! But on the real, something smells fishy. What funk is coming is what I wonder???????

ch555x said...

Sarah Palin around with GOPers...

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