Have To Limit My Obama Time

S. asked me Tuesday night if I wanted to watch the NBC special that showcased a day in the life of the Obama White House.

The answer was "no" - but it was one of those annoyed "no's", propelled with a snapping delivery that cut off the sound of the "o" so sharply it qualified as a lethal weapon. It was a shame, really, because I'm sure there were a few things I might have appreciated about the special, but there are only one hundred and sixty eight hours in a week, and I can't spend all of them watching President Barack Obama.

I have to limit my "Obama time" the way parents limit their children's TV watching and video game playing. Because if you aren't careful, you can end up watching President Obama, watching debates about President Obama's policies and performance, watching First Lady Michelle Obama, and watching the children and the White House dog so much that you will literally get nothing else done.

I mean, I still have to check his Middle East speech out, the speech he gave in Egypt. I want to see the statement he made about the GM bankruptcy in its entirety, instead of the soundbites that were on the news. And it's only Wednesday, which means he is apt to show up somewhere unannounced to give another speech before the week is out. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama is on the cover of eithe Time or Newsweek - thank God I live next to the public library, so I can peruse all of the monthly publications featuring her in one fell swoop, but these weeklies throw my schedule off.

As much as I support and admire the Obamas and their stratospheric accomplishments (I wear my "Obama '08" t-shirt once a week, even now), I've got to put all of this hoopla into some kind of context in order to maintain a sensible balance in my life. A little bit of Obama adulation can go a long way. Transforming adulation into inspiration makes more sense to me.

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TAKA LAKA said...

Well, compare to Dubya, Mr. Obama is definitely on a air a lot. He is on news, internet, radios, newspaper. For god sake, people made Obama capsule too.

Obama hype is still on. Yeah =)

FreeMan said...

It's the pretty woman syndrome! When you first saw Halle Berry you said damn, from that point on you could see she was pretty but less and less. Then it finally became this woman is crazy but she still is fine. After a while Obama will be crazy but still black just give it some time!

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