If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I send an average of one text message a month or less. I don't have a laptop. My monitor is not a flat screen. And I don't walk around with one of those God awful Bluetooth things clipped to my ear like I'm auditioning for a role in the next Star Trek movie.

Despite all these technological disadvantages, I think I enjoy my connectivity to the internet and to other human beings just fine. I've purchased and downloaded songs off of the web (paying for music? - what a novel idea - but when you live with a technology lawyer...). I've bought a few things on the internet, which took making a big adjustment to my usual "cash and carry" M.O. I even joined Facebook a couple of months ago.

So what is it about this Twitter thing that makes it the new hot thing right now? It requires the user to have the ability to do two things I am terrible at - sending text messages and being brief. Reading through the list of Tweets in your account, if you are looking at it online, is like taking a stroll through a psychiatric ward at night when the lights are off. In other words, it's like Facebook without the pictures.

But people love it. I even Googled some gadget that let me automatically turn my blog's RSS feed into Tweets. I seem to get a new follower about three or four times a week. I guess they only join to read the headlines, because very few of them ever click through to my blog. Then again, my blog isn't trying to guess Kirstie Allie's weight, or keep people updated on Octo-Mom, or show a video of the latest version of The Stanky Leg (which back in the incarnation practiced in nightclubs around the country back in the eighties was known as the "you don't have to buy me any more drinks tonight" dance).

Twitter posts do have a rhythm, though, that is as much dependant on the number of users as it is on the prowess of a Twitterer with their keypad. It reminds me in a way of metafiction, the way the narrative thrust of communication is rearranged and reshuffled until the mashup of the old, the new, the relevant, the ridiculous and the absurd all combine themselves to form a new pastiche reality that stitches together electronically the varying components of our lives.

Philosophically, I have been wrestling with this in a work of fiction I've reworked fifteen or twenty times in order to get closer to the essence of the rhetorical question it poses about the way we use our electronic messaging systems - are we storing or retrieving?

More importantly, while we are figuring out whether we are storing or retrieving that link or that attachment that we know damn well we sent you last week when you asked us for it the first time, what is going on in the government? On Wall Street? In our colleges? And if you're about to tell me that Twitter does all that in a hundred and forty six characters, you can stop now, before you embarrass yourself.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.


We will be twittering.

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Lady Di said...

I had an account since October that I never used. I'm a 60's born woman and I think I have an addiction to Social Network sites. I just get them just to say I have them and lern them so if someone else is in need of direction, I'm there - sorta. See, I get things like imeen, youtube, myspace, facebook and even twitter... set it all up, customize it and then leave. Well, sorta. I deleted and then started another myspace account because kids were sending bulletins with more x-rated stuff that I wanted to read. Instead of me deleting them personally because I did not want to hurt their feelings, I deleted the entire account. And now I'm there because one of my fan site "celeb" guys is there and it's the only way he seemingly will say hello, if nothing else.

MySpace, I'm there for a game called Mafia Wars where until a few months ago I only had 11 friends. Now I have over 800 with 96% of them in my Mafia Crew. Go figure.

So as for Twitter... I love it. I am not a celebrity stalker, so it does not suit me well to try to follow Oprah, Gayle (her friend) nor Demi Moor & her boy toy husband. I had followed who I THOUGHT was the real Christopher Walken until they deleted the fake person's account. Was about to leave right then because dude's tweets were ROCKING FUNNY!! I was in tears as they REALLY did sound like something he'd say if you are a supporter if his work. I love him as an actor and would love for him to really get on Twitter. Darth Vader, the only fictional character I follow, will have some funny stuff to tweet now and then,

Katt Williams can be funny when he's on. For example, yesterday he retweeted what was termed 'I wish a Mutha F'er would..." Monday. Each day is something new but he's not on often enough to get through an entire week. So yesterday, people were saying some crazy stuff. So that gets to be very sick & funny to read as he'll toss in some stuff too.

I follow people mostly that I think will tweet back. At first, if I did not know you, I did not allow you to follow me. Here recently, I check their following to see how they found me, then decide from there. Rev Run, yes of Run DMC fame, is a good follow as he gives words of wisdom, spiritual and otherwise in ghetto fab 140 characters at a time. I wonder how much time it takes him to create all this via his blackberry while in the tub. You had to see the show in order to understand that one. I think he LOVES Twitter.

Dr Drew, the online & offline doctor (seen on Celebrity Rehab) is a great follow as is Tweeght which proves retweets of inspiring thoughts. Other than this, I privatized my account as I see people's tweets show up in Google search. I speak to Xzibit, yes - the actor/actor, other people in the industry who WILL and DO tweet back plus some online people I've met over say 20 years. The typos can be HAHlarious in themselves as the tweet. I had to "unfollow" The Fat Boys even as funny as they were. It was too many tweets a HOUR much less day.

See you in Tweetland or Twitterville... Tweetie. AHAHAHAAA!!

PS - the desktop and phone applications for Twitter are skyrocketing. I use Twhirl for my desktop which is AWESOME!! Facebook is boring, Twitter is wicked!!

Lady Di said...

Again, my apologies for grammatics or lack of) and typos. See what happens when you call yourself "multi-taking". *sighs*

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